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Welcome to Source Machinery Saudi Arabia

Source Machinery for Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd is considered one of the characterized national companies which follow deliberate policies since its inception. These policies concentrates on scientific basis and deliberate actual solutions which are established with the optimized investments of the human energies and questing beyond attracting the scientific and administrative qualifications who contributes effectively in achieving this strategy. It is the matter which is reflected clearly through the contribution in supporting the governmental projects and plans which aims to build and develop the infrastructure of the home which witnesses in turn large development includes all the life aspects. The government adopts a lot of the developmental projects which contributes in building various projects which serve the citizen and the resident.

The company is unique with the ambition which is developed largely in order to achieve the big achievements and proceeding in a flexible work strategy which seek to achieve the comprehensive leadership in the sector of general contractor and rent the equipments which may lead to the necessity of keeping the distinctive mark in managing and executing the governmental projects.

And the projects which are executed by it as it achieves distinctive successes. The matter which reflects the projects’ size which are achieved during the last years. The machines resources of trading and contracting is considered one of the best contracting companies and renting the constructional equipments in the kingdom.

We are pleased to your visit and we hope for the information which are provided here. We will leave a positive impression of our company and our wide group of services and products which we introduce in the company.

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