Our Activities

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Contracting of roads and infrastructure

The contracting sector is considered one of the most important sectores of the company in the field of roads and infrastructure field by implementing the governmental and the private projects and the company has a full fleet of one of the equipments and the used machines in the field of roads and infrastructure and the professional effective team. We seek to advocate the international companies in this field.

Our projects:

  1. – Al-Riyadh subway
  2. – AL-Riyadh bus line
  3. – the infrastructure of Mohamed Ibn Abd El-Aziz scheme
  4. – the infrastructure o f Al-America resort
  5. – the infrastructure followed the high authority of developing Riyadh
  6. – the infrastructure of Al- Sammer scheme in Jeddah

Construction and the heavy equipments

  1. – high efficiency equipments
  2. – famous international trademarks
  3. – distinctive services which are supporting the product
  4. – wide coverage options

The company is characterized by the materials network which is effective in terms of providing spare parts rapidly and solves the problems effectively

The constructive companies includes a wide range of the products ranging between the trucks, the paving equipments and the equipments of settling the roads surfaces, the excavators, dumpers and cranes.

They feel more confidence and they provide the regular maintenance in order to keep the equipments and the mechanisms

The maintenance and the services:
We enjoy now an equipped workshop now which are equipped with a group of engineers, technicians and the trainers and the professionals in the cranes and the other equipments. The maintenance centers include the latest diagnosis equipments and the maintenance equipments besides to the maintenance unit which are available hourly.

We introduce the absolute support and the best service for all our customers starting from the stage of choosing the suitable solution to the stage of delivering the constructing equipments. Our heavy equipments workshop include enough number of the qualified technicians who are experienced and equipped by the developing equipments of maintenance, diagnosis and repairing in the location besides to the movable tailoring and welding which make the equipments’ resources trustable for the customer.

Our experiences and our technology enable us of providing high quality services for all the trademarks of the moving hydraulic cranes, forklifts, the trucks, the air pressures, the electricity engines and the dust transfer equipments, etc.


The company introduces integrative solutions and it has a sector for renting the constructing heavy equipments and the loading , transferring and handling materials and projects equipments, etc as the company has a base of workshops in order to do any required maintenance works.

We rent famous trademarks equipments like caterpillar, GSP, Hitachi, Komatsu, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and other commercial trademarks in order to meet the needs of the work location. The company is pleased to rent the equipments in the mining, constructing and infrastructure projects

We achieve large success by the customers as we support them continuously which may help us to introduce high quality services from the beginning.

The company is one of the renting the constructional equipments companies in Riyadh and our slogan is the immediate services with high quality.

We have a large fleet which includes the best equipments and mechanisms as we have experienced and skillful operators who operates the equipments in order to introduce the best services to our customers. We train our employers on each skill of work skills which we feel then of more confidence and we will provide the regular maintenance in order to keep the equipments and mechanisms case.