Source Machinery are the Expertises & Future Creation Summit

  • The company’s background
  • Our vision
  • Chairman’s Message

The administration is composed of a group of the national competencies in the fields of civil and the mechanical engineering and the administration which are distinctive experiences in the fields of heavy equipments, the constructional equipments, the constructions, the roads and the infrastructure.The commercial name
Machinery resources for Trading & Contracting Co. LtdThe main purpose of the company
Implementing the roads and infrastructure works, renting the equipments, introducing the technical and scientific consulting about the heavy equipments and the constructing equipments which are suitable for the work conditions in all the Saudi Arabia and providing the best solution for operating it.Their responsibilities

  1. – the full commitment in implementing the road contractions and its based infrastructure according to the engineering basics which include implementing these projects with the limits of its costs and the required quality
  2. – providing all the equipments and the vehicles kinds for renting
  3. – The provision of services and maintenance of our equipment

The company’s advantages

  1. – it is a strong commercial name and a progressive technology and the best customer services
  2. – we have workforce, administrative and qualified engineers in the technical, engineering and mechanical fields
  3. – we cooperate with the partners in all the world countries
  4. – our company encourages their customers on using the lists and the data which our company provide as a reference
  5. – we are obliged to introduce accurate data about all the equipments

An advanced position characterized by the excellence and leadership in the field of roads and infrastructure should be achieved for our company. And also implementing different projects in both the public and the private sectors in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, renting the required equipments of executing the projects and what is required of the spare parts and technical training staff of maintenance works and fast repairs bearing in their mind that their superior aim is the active contribution in the comprehensive development with what serves the dear home and create a staff of the distinctive professionals and promoting them with the latest tools and the developed devices in order to enable them of securing the customers and achieving their projects in the determined time effectively and professionally as the quality became at the top of the cast’s priorities.

In accordance with the development and prosperity of our lovely cities under the rule of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques HRH King Salman bin Abdulaziz, May Allah Protect Him, and future vision of HRH The Crown Prince, May Allah Protect Him, we undertake, based on our available capabilities and equipments and manpower, to participate in the growth , architecture and improving the process of development.It is known that the current economic conditions forms a real challenge for our industry, therefore, we, SOURCE MACHINERY, have a great deal of talents, skills and enthusiasm along with our creative culture which enabled us to be one of the leading companies and achieve continuous prosperity for the company in the more challenging economic conditions. Our remarkable ability to ensure achievements is emerging from our strategy and interest to achieve operational effectiveness. Our ambition is to be the best company in the kingdom accompanied with deep-rooted faith in our strategy which will ensure achieve superiority. The significant advantage in our company is our constant ambition and full faith in the necessity of exerting continuous efforts to create additional values through executing new and creative solutions to face current and future challenges. All that mentioned above is what will achieve sustainable development, profitability and success for all concerned parties.


Source Machinery are the Expertises & Future Creation Summit